The year:

January Irish: Eanáir

February Irish: Feabhra

March Irish: Márta

April Irish: Aibreán

May Irish: Bealtaine

June Irish: Meitheamh

July Irish: Iúil

August Irish: Lúnasa

September Irish: Meán Fomhair

October Irish: Deireadh Fomhair

November Irish: Samhain

December Irish: Nollaig


English: Sunday Irish: Dé Domhnaigh

English: Monday Irish: Dé Luain

English: Tuesday Irish: Dé Máirt

English: Wednesday Irish: Dé Chéadaoin

English: Thursday Irish: Dé Déardaoin

English: Friday Irish: Dé hAoine

English: Saturday Irish: Dé Sathairn

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