The Tau Cross


There's only two Tau cross, also called T-shaped in Ireland. One on Tory, an other one in Kilnaboy (Cille Inine Baoith)in the county Clare.

The Tau Cross of Tory is believed to date from the 12th Century. 1.9 m High, ans 1.1 m breadth. This one is done from a single piece of mica (mica is absent from Tory).

The Tau cross is widely represented in early christian croziers. There's a theory about the Tau Cross as the cross symbol used by Coptic Christians, in Egypt, whom could bring this symbol in Ireland by seafaring.

The T shaped cross in one of the oldest representation of cross because crosses used by romans for crucifixion were T shaped.

The Tau Cross is a kind of Lighthouse for spirituality. Per exemple, when a wedding was celebrated on the mainland by people of Tory, or if people of Tory were stucked on the mainland for the mass, the priest could pray front of the Tau Cross and it was like if they were on the island.

The Tau Cross is standing close to the harbour pier.

The position of the Tau cross is interesting at least for two reasons:

  1. Near the harbour pier, as a greeting, a bless for who comes, leaves, or comes back...
  2. a bit in slantwise, for have a side front of any place of the island and an other side front of the ocean

--Saskia Levy 03:50, 20 October 2008 (UTC)