Story teller-scealaith

The story teller is a very important person. It's impossible to imagine a 'not bad' story teller, the only possible way to be one, is to be excellent.

What does that mean for a story teller to be excellent? It's to be fascinating, it's to manage to keep his audience completely hanged to his voice. That needs many skills: a huge memory (remember of traditional stories, but too remeber of little things, details that lead the story to its end), to be a good actor (how tell a story with a monotonous voice?), of course a gorgeous capacity to imagine, and an encyclopaedic vocabulary.

The story teller is a more than a teacher, is a master. He provides knowlege of life, supernatural, feelings, morality with entertainment. He don't make a lesson but a demonstration wich is more powerful, to show is always better than to explain.

He have absolutely to have a very good capacity to analysis, to understand all the levels in a story. To master all the possible meanings of a story. And qualities for find beautiful words, pictures, metaphors. He is an artist and a thinker, a philosopher and a priest.

The banshee, Bean Sidhe, can be a spooky story, but it's too to say that there's always cries for the death of someone in Ireland, even if there's no Men or Women for cry at the buring, his own country will cry for lost him.

Balor can be considered as an dreadful man, but as Jim Hunter explain it in The waves of Tory, for many islanders, Balor was just a man of his barbarian time, very sad and afraid of a terrible prophecy. It's a way to unerstand the human nature, feelings, pain...

On Tory Island very well known story tellers are: Dan Rodgers, Patsy Dan Roders, Gràinne Doohan...

--Saskia Levy 12:19, 25 October 2008 (UTC)