A ghost is the manifestation of a dead personn only. The behavior of the ghost depends of how the personn died, been buried, and how his descendants remember of him/her, honourate his/her memory.

A bad ghost is a pained memory. If all have been done for took care of them after they died, they are friendly. (I hope) A friendly ghost can be scaring of course, but it's not his voluntee to be, he can just come show his presence, sometimes touch someone on the arm, or just passed by.

A very special used, now leaved was the Keening. The keening was a recitation done during the buring. Women cried, and said : 'I will never see you again walking near the port, I will never see you again fishing, I will never see you again...'. Of course this was for talk personnaly about the person, but maybe too for say to this person that it's better to don't try to do any things he/she done when He/she was alive.

An use is to pour a part of drink on the soil or in the sink 'for the dead'.

Who bury have to be in confidence with the person he bury, because it can be dangerous for his house (usually of course it's man who bury) if the person died in bad circumstances or will have nobody for honourate his/her memory. (drowned person found near the coasts...)

--Saskia Levy 23:11, 25 October 2008 (UTC)