Balor the evil eye- Bhaloir

Balor of the evil eye was the king of the Fomori, a race of giant, considered or as spirits who preceed the gods or as gods of chaos and wild nature.

He could kill anyone just by looking this person. There's two versions: A version says that he had two eyes, but only one was magic, because as a children he looked his father's druids preparing a spell, and a bit of this poison gone in one of his eye. The other version is that he had only one eye, and that this single eye was magic.

He was believed for live on Tory Island and for have been one of the most terrible pirate than any ocean ever knew.

According to a prophecy, he had to be killed by his own grandson.

On Tory Island a place is called Port Doileg, where two versions are possible: Or Bhaloir ask to throw in the water all the children that could be a grandson of him, or only two of three children that her daughter had.

His daughter Ethlin were kept in a tower, maybe in crystal, and she was completely isolated of any kind of knowledge. But of course, a man managed to see her, and as she was beautiful of course he falled in love for her. Cian, was a Tuatha dé Danann, people of the godess Danù. It's from the TUatha de Danann that Irish Gods of human civilisation (in opposite to the fomori and the chaos.) born. Cian had with Ethlin Lugh, the god of light and Arts. Cian managed to keep this son from his grandfather. He gave the newborn to Mananan Mac Lir, the god of the Ocean.

When Lug became a man, he struggled against Bhaloir and killed him.

Bringing with his victory the end of terror provided by Bhaloir.

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